Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-12/19/2023-Letter to my wife

Journal Entry

Letters, writing, and consistent visits have been essential ingredients over this past year while I have been in federal prison. My wife in particular has been my biggest advocate, and I wanted to round out this year with giving her due recognition. As we are now in a “single month digit countdown” to me being home, I have been reflecting back over the last year. Amber has been my most incredible rock in all facets. From our first encounter, I had known this woman would put the puzzle of my life in order and make me a better person. She helped me understand the expression “Soul Mate”.

If we consider life a “3 Legged Stool” with the 3 legs representing our personal life, spiritual life, and career life, Amber has led a Bailey and Barnum world class balancing act and deserves a standing ovation. Personally, she has become a minute hoarder & master of her time in taking the lead and running our household. We have been blessed with both of our parents who help us out each week, but it’s still been a lot on my wife, and she’s been firing on all cylinders, & I recognize her efforts.

Spiritually we both have been on our journeys of enlightenment and personal growth. I have been super proud of my wife for all the books she has digested on her own, and grateful for the ones we’ve studied together. Our favorite study together which has led to significant upward inner changes and ways of thinking in our lives is Seat of the The Soul by Gary Zukav. Amber’s strength has been built over the last year, and she’s in the best “inner shape” I have seen her in since we met nearly 20 years ago.

Amber’s career has had an intense bolt of success as she has excelled and been a leader on her team, her region, and the country in her competitive and demanding career in medical device surgery sales. She has been recognized by her manager and received numerous awards for leading the country in specialized surgical product sales for female hysterectomy surgeries. She has also led the country in the number of new surgeons she’s trained over the last 12 months.

Personally, our marriage has forged to the positive over the last year, and that takes work on both ends! Amber has consistently driven by herself, and others times with our kids to make numerous trips per month visiting me to help keep our family ties strong, and to be able to have the warm embrace of a hug. My wife has been a road warrior driving to Texarkana to see me, and then leaving here on Sunday afternoon heading 4.5 hours back to Memphis to be able to be there for surgery cases @ 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning. The list goes on and on at the sacrifices and acts of service she has done over the last year for our relationship marriage, and for that, I am forever grateful and thankful for her.

In the good book, one of my favorite biblical characters is Solomon. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs are a few of my go to books to study written by him. The book “Song of Songs” central theme is romantic love between man and woman. It entails emotional intimacy, sensitive communication, soul mate companionship, beautiful love making, forgiveness, integrity, objectivity, and love’s commitment through wrenching seasons of winter, and loves renewal in seasons of spring. The verses in Song of Songs fit the descriptive love I have for my wife.


In the Garden of Eden, Adam had everything, but the Lord God knew that he was missing the greatest gift of all. “And the Lord God said, it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper. (Genesis 2:18) The Lord God not only made me a helper, but blessed me with a great woman in you Amber, & I am grateful.

Song of Songs Chapters 1-8 summarize my love for you.
You captured my heart with one glance of your eyes. Your eyes instantly captivated me. You are absolutely beautiful; there is no imperfection in you. You shine like the dawn, as beautiful as the moon, as bright as the sun. You intoxicate me with your love. Before I met you, I was asleep. Your love came knocking & my heart was awakened. Your love calls me to leap over mountains & bound over hills.

Oh how I love your smell. Your smell is intoxicating. Your kisses are more delightful than wine. Your cheeks are beautiful, and your eyes are like a pair of doves. The fruits of your love are sweet to my taste. In my prison bed at night, I seek you and only you. I want my left hand under your head while my right arm embraces you.

Your lips drip sweetness like a bee’s honeycomb. Your caresses’ are much better than wine. Your lips are like a scarlet cord, and I know my deepest secrets are safe with you. Your speech is like fine wine flowing smoothly for my love. Your love is fit and strong. Your legs are strong as pillars & absolutely desirable. The curves of your thighs are like jewelry, the handiwork of a master.

For now the winter is here, but will in the distant past; the rain will end and go away. The orchids are appearing on the countryside. Your love is a strong as death. A huge tornado cannot extinguish it; rivers cannot sweep your love away. No man could buy the devotion of your love with all his wealth. I love you, & will always love you in this lifetime & others that come. Merry Christmas.

Your Husband,
Glenn Hudson