Journal Entry: Adonnis Atchinson-05/02/2024-Connectors

Journal Entry

To connectors, everything that shows up in their life is there because of the power of intention intended it there. So they’re always in a state of gratitude. They feel thankful for everything, even things that might seem to be obstacles. They have the ability & desire to see a temporary illness as a blessing & they know in their heart that somewhere an opportunity exists in the setback & that is what they look for in everything that shows up in their life. Through their thanks, they honor all possibilities, rather than asking their Source for something, because that seems to give power to what’s missing. They commune with the Source in a state of reverent gratitude for ALL that’s present in their lives, knowing that this empowers their intention to manifest precisely what they need!

These highly realized people think from the end, experiencing what they wish to intend before it shows up in material form. They use their feelings as a gauge to determine if they’re synchronized with the power of intention. If they feel good, they know they are in vibrational harmony with Source. If they feel bad, they use this indicator to adjust to higher energy levels. And finally, they act on these thoughts of intention & good feelings as if all that they desired were already here! If you ask them what you can do to make your desires come true, they’ll unhesitatingly advise you to change the way you look at things & the things you look at will change!