Journal Entry: Adonnis Atchinson-04/24/2024

Journal Entry

Adonnis Atchinson-Bey

It’s been months & this is my initial journal entry & because we have been locked down for over 2 months without Hot water or water at all. I’ve had to #2 in trash bags because the toilet would not flush (& didn’t want to leave it in cell/toilet floating-google USP LEAVENWORTH RAID) & I’ve been here for over 5 months (Nov. 2023-Apr 2024) & still haven’t received my personal property/legal work, so you could imagine my state of mind after 20yrs in (this Nov. 30th-nowhere near @ least comfortable). I have numerous Admin appeals on file( that’s how I got here) but have been getting them rejected for no reason (they saying time barred but I was in transit during mandates). I’ve been reading a lot though, during Lockdown(I’m an Orderly & supposed to get out to sweep/mop top tier, but NO GO 🙂 & will send book reports about metaphysical/manifestation books I’ve been digesting/applying (2c cup 1/2 full instead of empty)! Elevate!!!!!!