Journal Entry: Adonnis Atchinson-02/20/2024-The Beam

Journal Entry

They want me 2 stay, but I want 2 go
How I mentally endured this long, inquiring sane minds would like 2 kno
I can’t say that it has been easy, bcuz it’s definitely been a struggle
& 2 continue moving 4ward, it’s gonna take more than muscle
I kno…& I’ve been told, there’s more 4 me 2 achieve
But they say it’s best 4 me 2 do it n here, opposed 2 out there & that’s hard 4 me 2 believe
@ the end of the day, I kno they have my best interest @ heart
Of this, there’s not a single doubt, not even a part
So Imma dismount this tightrope onto a mental/spiritual beam…
To handle my end & leave the logistics 2 my LEGAL TEAM