Journal Entry: Adonnis Atchinson-02/20/2024-Poems

Journal Entry

Days & Days
The days r alike, even the cycles r the same
& what makes matters worse, is that most inhabitants play, like its a game
Severe injuries & lives r @ stake
& if u could look thru my eyes, u’d best avoid this place
Such acts could have us secured behind the door 4 months or weeks
& with NO routine, the majority only sleep & eat
No need 4 worries though, I’m of a different breed than these
Bcuz my days r spent playing a game called “Keys 2 Release”

traversing the limits of both space & time
Efforts thwarted by minute events of the environs’ clime
2b near/with u is the purpose & destination
& until that measure is met, I meditate daily with stern concentration
2b allured from course would only water the expanse more
so I toil meticulously 2 toe the line until I find myself @ ur door


Situations occur that r both controlled & uncontrollable
The former makes it that much more manageable 2 decide 1’s fate that’s tolerable
From minor 2 major, malignant & benign
The ultimate instruct is protocol, that have surpassed the test of time
Recipients of such may have or never known better
Either way, once the feces hit the fan, the law should/will b followed 2 the letter
Some r physically disciplined by fellow gang members(D.P.’ed), sent 2 SHU 4 30days or less
Some r hit over the head with a lock in a loop/sock & or stabbed in the back, neck, arms, chest (by opps)
Seldom staff intervene, bcuz they r like ticket holding spectators
& rely heavily upon the inmate populations’ regulators
It’s said then it’s played by the young torpedo’s
& this ordeal is a spectacle 4 those both who kno & don’t kno