Journal Entry: Aaron Jason Wewa-12/15/2023

Journal Entry

Sometimes in our daily run around in the system with so few options of outlets one can find themselves in a whole lotta trouble without even trying. However, the vicious cycle of struggle that we go through can be turned into a tool to sharpen ourselves into a better person by the constant need to get ourselves out of jams. if we can sit back and look at the bigger picture only then can we see that we are the instigators of our own troubles that we put ourselves through needlessly. when we finally become tired of being our own worst enemy and put a stop to what we are doing to ourselves we can truly overcome life and know peace. most of our worries are in our minds. teaching myself to look into the future at the ripples that my actions cause makes me stop and think, “Do I need this worry in my life right now? Is this choice going to be beneficial to my short and long-term goals?” by asking my self these questions I make me second guess the choices and look at what the effect of my decisions are going to be not only for myself but for those who will also be affected by my decisions. the meaning of this to me is that I not only have my own peace of mind to look out for but everyone around me as well because we are all in this together whether we understand this or not. in prison our individual roads intersect. the destination should always to get out and be free and stay free.