Journal Entry: Aaron Jason Wewa-04/23/2024

Journal Entry

in 2010 I began studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I’ve always had an interest in martial arts but this one style opened my eyes to what the human body is really capable of doing and how fragile life is. during the process of learning the art, I found personal growth that made me into a better person. I want to share that growth with others and so have dedicated my life to learning even more about the style so I can teach others and hopefully, they too can become a better person with confidence and personal growth. these last few I have been studying and practicing various techniques and even have developed my own way of teaching. I’ve appreciated two individuals with black belt status and with the end of my sentence coming up I need to start researching how to set up a fully functional Dojo. but in my head, it’s going to have apparatuses and devices to help with any style of fighting. so it’s really going to be a MMA facility.