Journal Entry: Aaron Jason Wewa-03/08/2024

Journal Entry

What reasons would you attribute to the volatile nature of Bitcoin?

-The volatile nature is the beauty of it with its transparency and control. maybe there will be too much control that holds it back from truly becoming a worldwide credit system.

What advantages or disadvantages do you see with fiat currency?

-Again the ability to manipulate the price of currency at the whim of a few can have good and bad outcomes. the ultimate question is who regulates the regulators?

In what way does inflation influence a person’s bank account?

-No matter how much money you have the value of that dollar in constant flux means you can play with your savings like the stock market, keeping it put up until the value increases and then pull it out to invest make more money, and put it back when the value starts to decrease due to inflation. because like everything else inflation ebbs and flows.