Journal Entry: Aaron Jason Wewa-01/29/2024

Journal Entry

The worst part about prison isn’t the other inmates or the food or lack of brain-stimulating activity. It is when you hit those prison yards where the correctional officers are more corrupt than the inmates who are more or less just trying to do their time and get out. it makes it hard when the police believe in small-town justice and use the Union to hide behind them and protect them from the public finding out about their crimes. just like AUSP THOMSON ILLINOIS where the police had their own gang called BLACK SHIRT MAFIA, using the punisher skull as their symbol. vigilante justice. But if us inmates are watched over by them who watches over them to hold them accountable when they violate an inmates basic human rights? so far they’ve gotten away with murdering at least five black inmates. probably more because the higher-ups had covered this up for them. and when the warden tried to stop it they tried to have him assassinated by inmates. so even amongst all this from those TURN KEYS, we inmates still must manage to rehabilitate ourselves no matter what our crime or believed innocence. we all got put here for a reason but it’s up to us to use this situation to make ourselves into better human beings.