March 1, 2024/Lesson 2: Digital Economy: Instructors, Tokens, and Bitcoin

My name is Michael Santos, and I am the founder of Prison Professors. I am grateful to Ryan Saleme for volunteering to help me learn more about the digital economy, and particularly, cryptocurrency.  In this lesson, I’ll provide course participants with our backstory and reasons why we’re creating this self-directed course. It’s our hope that […]

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Release Plan If you’ve been in prison for several years, like many people in our community, you may not know the ease of shopping. Instead of going to the store, we place orders on our computers. Companies like Amazon deliver the products to our doorstep. Early morning, Sunday, August 20, 2023, I opened my door […]

Marty Brian Robbins-03/01/2024-Gratefulness for the little things

Today the camp came off lockdown. I walked the track thanking God for all that I’m blessed with.Before prison I was blind to everything God gives, I didn’t know how to be grateful for these things.When I was transferred from Sandstone FCI to Rochester FMC I was placed in quarantine (covid -19 period). My cell […]

Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-03/01/2024

I haven’t had too much progress lately except in the realm of integrity. Something I am working hard to put into practice in ALL areas of my life, not just in the light, but in the dark as well. (meaning when no one is looking..) My writing is going to be my focus this month, […]

Shane Andrew Smith-03/01/2024

Critical thinking response: I have been keeping up with digital currency by reading all that I can get my hands on about it. That and AI I believe will have the two biggest impacts on the world economy over the next several years, maybe decades. I read the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine that […]

Sergio Mike Petroni-03/01/2024

Adjusting to Challenges After reading the message that was delivered on the 26th of February by Michael Santos it has me thinking of the situation I find myself in now. Recently, the facility I’m currently serving my time at has been on lockdown for training purposes. Obviously, being locked in a cell gives a huge […]

Rufus H Jones-03/01/2024

I do know that the world changes each and everyday I read a lot and investigate events, information from articles and know for a fact I was going to school learning how to design from the computer at my community college when I was out I have outside communication and express my interest and have […]

March 1, 2024/Lesson 1–Digital Economy

Prologue—Welcome to the Prison Professors MasterClass: Digital Economy Digital Economy is a MasterClass we’re creating as a follow up to our course: Preparing for Success after Prison. The MasterClass will help participants develop an understanding of the rapidly evolving digital economy. Through a series of ongoing, stand-alone lessons, students will become more fluent with subjects […]

Friday, March 1, 2024

Someday Enrique Tarrio faces a lengthy prison term. Newspapers have reported that the Department of Justice recommends that U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly sentence Tarrio to 33 years for a leadership role in the events that led to the January 6 disturbances. I don’t know anything about Enrique Tarrio, or the conviction he faces, but […]

Josue Rivera-02/29/2024

Today, I attended another recovery group, ARM (All Roads to Recovery Meeting)The topic was ‘What choice am I making today for my recovery?’ I shared about the many choices I am making today and every day. The choice of learning how to respond to challenges in my life begins by deciding how I want to […]