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The Prison Professors Charitable Corporation is recruiting interns who want to improve outcomes for justice-impacted people. We need to build a coalition to assist with:

  • Social media,
  • Graphic design,
  • Fund raising campaigns,
  • Marketing campaigns,
  • Social justice outreach.

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My name is Michael Santos. During the recklessness of youth, authorities arrested me for trafficking in cocaine. A government investigation followed and after a jury trial, a federal judge sentenced me to serve a lengthy sentence. I served 26 years in federal prisons of every security level.

While incarcerated, I began building a pathway to prepare for success. I earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and published numerous books to help people understand more about the criminal justice system. After 9,135 days in federal prison, I transitioned to a halfway house in San Francisco. While there, the San Francisco asked to profile my story. The newspaper published the front-page story in a Sunday Profile, November 24, 2012:

From that article, Professor Alan Ross invited me to present at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall on February 6, 2013, where I spoke with more than 500 students on the pressing need for prison reform. We shared that presentation on YouTube:

Through that work, more opportunities opened to advocate for reform, as shown on my Wikipedia page.

My timeline shows a multi-decade commitment of working toward reform:

Rather than measuring justice through the turning of calendar pages, we aspire to changes that will allow people to earn freedom, in incremental stages, through merit.


I will travel to your university for a full day of presentations. We could do large, auditorium-style presentation or we could do a series of classroom presentations. Our nonprofit will fund this travel. If your university, or a student organization has a budget, perhaps it will consider covering costs with a donation to our nonprofit, The Prison Professors Charitable Corporation.


Our nonprofit is looking for interns. We need interns to assist with the following tasks:

  • Social media expertise,
  • Graphic design,
  • Fund raising campaigns,
  • Marketing campaigns,
  • Social justice outreach.

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