Toby Davis-PRISON! 8,344TH DAY

Author of Book: Michael Santos
Date Read:

Book Report

On May 9, 2023 I was assigned an Edovo tablet for the very first time.

To date, I have successfully completed 21 courses, 83.55 hours and 131.41 hours in Education alone, according to Edovo Transcript.



I had the pleasure of studying and learning from various courses and interviews conducted by Michael G. Santos, the founder of Prison Professors. On 7/18/23 I had the privilege of speaking to Michael on a monitored call. During our discourse, he requested my personal information and offered to send me FREE copies of his books. Lo and behold, roughly a week later, I had received two different books by Michael Santos. This small gesture of grace and kindness, boosted up my spirits!!! So, I’m truly grateful to my brother Michael for keeping his word with me. It served as confirmation that he is a man of virtue, who is sincerely committed to making a difference helping others make a successful transition into society.

He had actually sent three books in total. But unfortunately, his book “SUCCESS AFTER PRISON – How To Get Extraordinary, Compelling Outcomes” was rejected by TCF mailroom, claiming that it violated policy by not having enclosed an invoice or receipt. Otherwise I was able to obtain the book “EARNING FREEDOM – Conquering A 45-YEAR PRISON TERM” and “Prison! 8,344TH DAY – Workbook.”


After I carefully read “PRISON! 8,344TH DAY” I noticed that the way Michael had served his 26 years in prison was quite similar to the way I served mine. Although our respective crimes and circumstances were different, we both had determined early on that we would adopt a deliberate mindset that would allow us to transform into the best version of ourselves while in prison. Everyone knows change isn’t easy; especially when you’re in a negative environment as prison. As Michael pointed out it’s about making values-based, goal-oriented decisions as your decision today can greatly influence your outcome tomorrow. You don’t have to conform to the narrative. You can actually change the narrative by changing how you think right now. Yes, life is hard and often times unfair, but once you accept that fact, everything else is easy. Or as Michael wrote: With discipline, commitment, and deliberate adjustment decisions, we can prepare to conquer the challenges of confinement.

Michael wrote extensively about how he used his time methodically. Every day he made deliberate decisions that brought him closer to his goals. He necessitated time to read, write and study. He was invariably mindful to associate with positive people who desired positive change in their life; such as his cellmate, David who would cook meals for the both of them, his friend Bali who was a source of great wisdom and inspiration and lastly, his friend Justin Paperny who established a nonprofit organization after he was released from prison. When you hang around wolves you’ll learn how to howl, but if you hang around eagles you’ll learn how to soar! Simple as that.

Michael has provided the prison community with a step-by-step blueprint that brought him success after prison. He knows (first hand) what it takes to increase your odds for success. Statistics shows that seven out of ten people fail. But that doesn’t come as a surprise if your time is squandered everyday playing games, gambling, basketball or engaging in prison politics. You must use your time constructively to educate yourself, advance yourself and prepare yourself for a prosperous future, because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it.