Thomas Jefferson Williams Jr-A Promised Land

Author of Book: Barak Obama
Date Read: August 4, 2023

Book Report

Barak Obama shed so much light on his personal life as well as Politics and how they work now as opposed to how it was in the past. It gave me an outline of Obamas”s life story and his marriage through his presidency. The reason I read it is because our justice system is based on and built by politicians. They advocate and get things done in the same way that we must work to get things done to reform this prison system. The way Obama breaks down how deals are made and broken in the White House. there is so much back and forth in political debates that it seems like nothing ever actually gets done. When it does cross the finish line there are so many compromises that had to be made to make the deal come to fruition. The book shows you that even at the pinnacle of power there is still heavy moving to be done when making policy changes in this system. These books are an inside look at what it’s like as far as the work that needs to be done and the time frame that it will take to make meaningful change. From what I have observed this work is a lifetime commitment that will take work through many generations as it has already to make it to where it is today.