This is the Day – Jeffrey Piecka – 07/15/2023

Author of Book: Tim Tebow
Date Read: July 15, 2023

Book Report

Two weeks ago I, along with 18 of my fellow Prison Brothers, were transferred to Thomson Federal Prison Camp (FPC) from Oxford FPC because Oxford had closed. Without property, which means no radio for watching TV, no tablet for music or movie watching, and no commissary clothing, just standard issue pants and work boots, there was not a whole lot to do other than read. To be clear, I love reading anyway, but now it was especially necessary to pass the time.

The Library at Thomson is about 10% the size of Oxford, which means 10% of the selection of books. I had my next couple books lined up to read before the transfer but that all got thrown out the window. As I was perusing the non-fiction section, I saw “This is the Day” by Tim Tebow. Why not? I am a sports enthusiast so I know exactly who Tim Tebow is–2 time National Champion as quarterback for the Florida Gators, Heisman Trophy winner, First Round draft pick of the Denver Broncos, and a HUGE believer in his faith.

Life in the NFL did not go as well as planned for Tim Tebow. He never established himself as a very good NFL quarterback and ended up bouncing around to a few different teams until he eventually decided to retire. Not long after he stepped away from the NFL, he attempted a baseball career and was signed by the New York Mets .Although he did get promoted up a couple times in the Minor Leagues (there are 6 different levels of MLB baseball teams), he never made it to the “Bigs”.

Although his professional sports careers did not pan-out (only 1% of ALL those what play sports make it to professional levels), Tim Tebow is a success–He runs an outstanding foundation that helps special needs kids and kids suffering from fatal illnesses, he is a well-liked college football analyst on ESPN and the SEC Network, and he lives a very clean lifestyle using his Faith as a compass. “This is the Day” has 12 chapters that break down how you can say to yourself “This is the day I start _“. Some examples are Leave the Past Behind, Put in the Work, and Say I Love You. “This is the Day” is a great book to read if you need that kick in the butt to start to change your life by someone who has gotten his butt kicked on more than 1 occasion.

What I Learned:

“I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I was committed to the journey.” –Tim Tebow.

When it became apparent that his NFL career was over (unless he wanted to try and play another position other than quarterback), Tim Tebow surprised everyone by NOT doing what was expected–either college football analyst or reality TV star–and he was going to try to become a Major league Baseball player after not swinging a bat since high school 10 years ago! He had no idea how it would turn out, but we was going to go for it!

The last place my wife and family thought I would ever be one day is inside Federal Prison. But poor choices during a down time in my life got me here. I had no idea what to expect but I was going to make the most of it. I was going to commit to bettering myself physically, mentally, and spiritually every day and I was mentally prepared to do it all alone. Besides, who would I possibly meet in Federal Prison that I would want to “hang out” with?? As it turns out, because of my daily discipline, there were quite a few people that I found bonding with and are now “Forever Brothers”.

Tim Tebow took several chances in life, but he committed 100% to them all. Did they ALL work out like a Hollywood Movie? No way! But he always came out satisfied with his effort, had no regrets, and always ended up a better person for trying.

EVERYONE leaves Prison 1 of 3 ways:
–Better than they were when they came in.
–The same as they were when they came in.
–Worse than they were when they came in.

Tim Tebow is constantly visiting Prisons and even Death Row inmates. He never asks why they are in the situation they are in. He only wants them to know there is always going to be someone who loves them and believes in them. All you have to do is accept that. BOOM! Instantly, you are a better person. But nothing happens until you “Get in the Game” as Chapter 2 says, or as Tim Tebow says “Commit to the journey”.

Why I Will Be Successful After Reading This Book:

I believe reading “This is the Day” will add to my ability to successful for 2 reasons:

First, Tim Tebow is a BUSY man. Between working as a college football analyst on 2 networks and his foundation which requires him to make appearances, speeches, and fund-raisers, he is criss-crossing the country on a daily basis. Being “busy” is never an excuse NOT to make today count. Tim Tebow is always maximizing his effort every day. Being in Federal Prison has A LOT of negatives. Which it should because it is made to PUNISH. One of the biggest negatives is the boredom. There is only 1 person than can push you to better yourself in Prison–YOU. The Bureau of Prisons does not care about your well-being. They simply care about the rules. Every day in Prison is another day to get a little better by putting in the effort. I have told my wife that I had never been busier on a daily basis than I have been in Federal prison! Make the day count!

Secondly, I plan on committing a lot of time and effort when I go home later this year to giving back and helping others, especially for those who are in Prison, going to Prison, and family’s who have loved ones in Prison. But also to those in “need”. Tim Tebow has a very special gift–his foundation focuses on kids with special needs and serious illnesses and he has a knack for spotting kids and adults in the busiest of places that have a need he may be able to help with. It’s like when you buy a certain model of car and then all of a sudden you see that car everywhere you go! Only he does it with people!! When I return to society and help get me and my wife back on our feet financially, I will always be on the look-out for someone who can use some help. To most of the population, they really get ignored because society is all about “me” now. It may only take a second, but helping someone because you care can completely change the trajectory of their day or their life! There are multiple examples of that in this book–total strangers that Tim Tebow just noticed needing some help and they became life long friends. i would LOVE to do that for at least 1 person every day I am out in public. THAT would be a very successful day and life.