Stamatina Bourret-Carry on Warrior

Author of Book: Glennon Doyle
Date Read: January 25, 2024

Book Report

Carry on Warrior
The Power of Embracing your messy, beautiful life
By: Glennon Doyle

This book is a self help book. Throughout the book Glennon discusses her challenges inlife as well as how she overcame those challenges. Glennon offers some sound advice on how to deal with life or how she overcame challenges life threw at her. In this book Glennon discusses the importance of being honest with yourself. She digs deep into self defeating behaviors and how by not being honest whith your self you are allowing yourself to be defeated. She touches on how finally allowing yourself to open up and deal with your truth ultimately sets you free.

Throughout Glennons life she faced a multitude of challenges. She was bulimic and had a horrible relationship with food. She was an alcoholic and drug addict. She discusses how throughout all of this she was searching for the next high or way to feel good. Glennon had an abortion which threw her further into depression. To fill this void she drank more and consumed more drugs. She discusses how even with doing all this she never felt any better. She would wake up in the mornings and regret the nights so she would again self medicate and start the cycle over.

She met her future husband at a bar and talks about how they partied for months. One day she wakes up and takes a pregnancy test to find out she is pregnant. She decided she was going to be clean and was able to cut herself off of all drugs, alcohol and stopped binging and purging.

Her friend and her decided to stay clean and start a family. They began starting their lives, have the baby and continue building a family. Glennon struggles finding a job or a volunteer position due to her history and multiple arrests. She begins to discuss how all her interviews would go well until they did a background check then they would never call her back. She begins to feel very alienated and discusses how she felt like she was trying to reinvent her self, yet her failures made her feel the pain over and over.
At that point Glennon decided she was no longer going to hide who she was. Instead she was going to own who she was and in doing that she began to heal. Instead of hoping people would accept her she learned to accept herself. Once she decided she would take herself, all the quirks and all, life started to get better. She started putting herself out there. She wanted to find a church for herself and her family, but she did not want to feel like the church did not fit who she was. She started interviewing churches, she went in confidentely and told them she has been arrested ,had an eating disorder, used to be an addict and was not going to hide any of this, would the church accept her as she was because if not it was not the right fit for her. The pastor told her they would be happy to have her in their church and then offered her a spot in the sunday school.

Glennon goes through other issues as time goes on, but she is aware of who she is. She does not question her worth, she is able to learn that if you are true to yourself, the rest will continue to fall into place. The idea behind the book as a whole is to teach you to own what you need and what you have done in your life. Once you forgive yourself for your mistakes you are finally able to move on from your past and grow from what you have learned.