Shane Andrew Smith-The Earth is Enough

Author of Book: Harry Middleton
Date Read:

Book Report

1. Why did I choose this book?

– This book was sent to me by my cousin, who has great tastes in books!

2. What did I learn from this book?

– Just like the main character who grew up in an unconventional home, those of us who are living and will have a period of living in our lives as unconventional can still have productive, happy, and fulfilling lives.

3. How will this book help me to succeed after prison?

– The world wants cookie-cutter people to do the work and live their lives according to standards the world thinks everyone should follow. People can still be successful and live happy lives coming from a non-standard background, even with a stint in federal prison. Being exposed to different living conditions than most humans on earth gives you an advantage when it comes time to handle non-standard situations!