Scott Donald Carper-The Coffee Bean

Author of Book: Jon Gordon & Damon West
Date Read: February 18, 2023

Book Report

My Thoughts
I was interested in reading this book because Damon West was sentenced to life in prison and his
personal story is very popular with some of the smarter folks here. He is now a motivational speaker.
The book is ok. I think it is like “Who Stole My Cheese.” I was excited to read it and it did not meet my
expectations. It is cute…. but I don’t like short books with a singular message. Just not my style.

The story is about a kid who growing up in need of a means to deal with the challenges existing in his
life. A science teacher challenges the student to run some experiments as a comparison or
demonstration to life lessons.
Life is like a pot of very hot water. If you put a carrot in hot water what happens? It turns to mush. If
you put an egg in hot water…it turns into a hardboiled egg. The egg is hardened by its environment.
Basically, you don’t want to be like a carrot or egg. He wants to be like a coffee bean. If you put a coffee
bean in hot water, it eventually transforms its environment (turns to coffee). You can be like a carrot
that is weakened by its environment. You can be like an egg that is hardened by its environment. OR
YOU CAN BE LIKE A COFFEE BEAN. Cute Story…but for 20$ I want more than a clever story (I will stay
away from books like this moving forward…. I got the point).