Scott Donald Carper-Hells Angels

Author of Book: Hunter S. Thompson
Date Read: July 31, 2023

Book Report

Why I read this book?
A quick story to explain how this book (and several other books came to me). As many of you know I got
involved with a group called prison professors. They are actually the reason I am writing this book
report (journaling and writing reports was something they suggest). Prison professors/Santos have
weekly video conferences for people who are heading to prison…to give advice and help with multiple
issues/concerns. My dad attends these weekly video conferences. During one of these sessions, he met
someone who was set to go to a camp in the next few months. They became friends…. which led to me
eventually becoming friends as well…which led to him and I discussing his upcoming imprisonment in
great detail. In a very cool gesture, he sent me a ton of books to read. This is the first one I have read.

What is this book about?
The Hells Angels. The story is really focused around one event in the mid 60’s (Labor Day). The results of
this day led to the HAngels being thrust to the forefront of the publics conscience. Prior to this event
the Hells Angels weren’t really that big a club…but after said event they became the modern day boogey
man. The story is heavily disputed but during Labor Day the Angels reportedly took some women from
their dates and assaulted them. This event became front page news all across the country and basically
overnight the angels grew to dramatic prominence. This book chronicles their day to day lives and
highlights the almost nightly brawls, crimes, and drugs they participated in.

What I learned from reading this book?
I learned that the Hells Angels are really not that interesting. I kept waiting for something interesting to
happen in this book and it never delivered. There is not much to like about the Hells Angels. When they
fight, they fight dirty ganging up on anyone that causes them trouble (so they attack you in gangs
instead of a fair fight). There inhiation process is horrible (new imitates are doused in urine and oil to
smell authentic). They love to wear dirty, disgusting clothing…. they choose to smell bad (bizarre). The
only real possessions they have are there bikes. They steal from the poor…or anyone they feel crosses
them. I ended up finishing this book in one sitting. It was a boring Sunday at the LPC and it was so hot
there was nothing else to do. I am trying my best to finish every book I have that is unread. I have 43
days to make it happen.