Robert Reyes-Way of the Warrior

Author of Book: Erwin Raphael McManus
Date Read: October 13, 2023

Book Report

The warrior understands that to blame is not simply an abdication of responsibility but a relinquishing of power. When you blame someone else, you become dependent on that individual to solve your problem and change your circumstance”. This is by far by favorite passage from my recent read by Erwin McManus. The book definitely quenched by thirst and was a dose of exactly the type of content that I was seeking. It aligns beautifully with where I’m at in life and provides a new sense of direction. The overall theme is obtaining power internally and externally by finding inner peace. The emphasis is on the strength of peace and understanding the path of peace coming only when we’re willing to walk into our darkness and face of our own shadows. Modern society often makes you believe that the most powerful person is often the loudest in the room however, McMannus’ stand is much different. The warrior does not need to be seen. WE are most powerful when we are invisible. The emphasis is, the warriors strongest and most powerful weapon is not their sword but their wisdom. The more wisdom obtained, the stronger the warrior. The book explores the power of positive thinking the laws of the universe. If we find ourselves confounded because everything we remember is negative, limiting and destructive, the only path forward is to create new memories. I would recommend the book to anyone looking to simply obtain a new perspective on finding inner peace, getting an unconventional yet effective message on becoming stronger via finding your inner peace. I look forward to reading others by McMannus!

4/5 Stars.