Robert Reyes-Non-Negotiable Ten Years Incarcerated Creating the Unbreakable Mindset

Author of Book: Wes Watson 
Date Read: October 24, 2023

Book Report

Wes Watson is a figure that I’ve been following for some time. Pre-indictment, Watson was a source of inspiration to me. His story is very inspiring and motivating. In his book, “Non-Negotiable”, he recounts his story from being a large drug dealer, prison to self made millionaire. His approach on overcoming adversity can seem brash to some however, it’s the right remedy to others, including myself. In his book, he outlines his proven methodologies on creating habitual construction and code of conduct. Whilst facing extreme adversity, he discovered a way to stay motivated, focused and plan his current dream life. Much like me, Watson is a strong believer in the power of the mindset and manifestation. He meticulously goes over these two topics in his tale. Another segment that really stuck out was a methodical manner on how to achieve goals and how to effectively set them. This was a big takeaway for me. Watson might have an unconventional manner in delivering inspiration but it’s very powerful. Watson’s storytelling abilities are excellent and manner in captivating viewers is exceptional. Watson will walk you through on choosing purpose over pleasure, constructing positive habits, acquiring what you admire through proper goal setting, positive habits and manifestation. I suggest watching Watson’s YouTube channel as I did, prior to sentencing to get a dose on his teachings. If the videos resonate and intrigue you, this book will be a treat for you!¬†

4/5 Start