Neil Stephany-The Thought Exchange

Author of Book: David Friedman
Date Read: April 20, 2024

Book Report

From a young age our thoughts create sensations in our bodies. A negative experience as a child will link a reaction to a thought for the rest of your life if you don’t exchange it. An event links to a thought which connects to a sensation then becomes a belief that manifests the event. Around and around we go. If we don’t repair ourselves it’s a miserable existence.

The transformation begins with a meditation. Imagine a safe confortable place where everything exists. Life is nothing but a reflection of our thoughts. Think of a life issue you wish to change. Mine was everything was out to get me. Now that thought is clarified we figure out what to exchange it for. Mine was “only good things happen to me”. Only positive results come from those good things that happen to me. Say the new thought outloud and write it down. Sometimes the thoughts we believe come from other people telling us this or that. But it’s up to us to believe it or not. Often we delude ourselves. We’ll say one thing in the mirror but the mirror shows us the truth. The feelings and sensations in the body don’t lie. We have to work at our new thoughts until we believe them. You can’t be afraid to find the negative thoughts. Without the negative thoughts we don’t know what to change into a positive.

When we have a thought with negative sensations it’s because as a child our bodies did that to protect us from a bad event and shows us not to go back to that thought again. The only way to hold a thought and let it manifest is to be able to be with the sensations that come with it. That is the key. Also to not try to get rid of the sensations by force and just let it be. It’s also good to focus on inner peace. Most people think of money, success and love as something they need to be happy but they hold no real value.

We don’t cause things to happen. The world of things is simply a reflection of the world of thought. You can be ten pounds overweight and look in the mirror everyday and not know it. Only when something happens to put that thought in your head does it become true. It’s all internal, an anorexic see’s they are fat every time they look in the mirror no matter how skinny they are. Their fat thought is on the inside not the out. We have to fix the inside.

The key to getting over the negative sensations is thinking the thought and not letting the protective feelings take over. There is no guarantee to get rid of the sensations. They could be there forever. Don’t look at them as bad. Look at them as your sign posts to healing. Fear is not a sensation, it’s a thought about a sensation. So don’t give it the power to stop you from progressing. My favorite quote from this book is “when I’m feeling, I’m healing”