Neil Stephany-The Surrender Experiment

Author of Book: Michael Singer
Date Read: May 12, 2021

Book Report

The Surrender Experiment – Michael Singer

I wrote this book report in May 12, 2021

Have you ever noticed that voice in your head? Constantly talking, judging giving all kinds of information. As this Author was in college for his doctorate he began trying to research the voice and couldn’t find anything until he found Eastern Philosophy.

After reading The 3 Pillars of Zen he moved out to the wilderness to be alone & meditate. He never built anything before but he needed a house. An Officer driving by saw his house and hired him to build one for him. Thus began his first business.

Each success in his life just came from life itself. Each time that voice would give him negative feedback. He would ignore it and just let life’s plan guide him. He slowly bought pieces of land around his little plot he first bought and it turned into near 180 acres. This property he turned into a Sanctuary.

He turned buying a computer and playing with it to accepting event after event that eventually led it to being a billion dollar software company and having ne of his programs recognized in the Smithsonian.

I learned from this book to utilize everything life puts in front of me. Even my prison experience to learn and grow mentally and spiritually. By using every situation as a way to meditate and do each task to the best of my abilities. “Don’t trample down self. Raise oneself with self”Bhagavad Gita.