Neil Stephany-The Mastery of Love

Author of Book: Don Miguel Ruiz
Date Read: April 4, 2021

Book Report

The Mastery of Love – Don Miguel Ruiz

I wrote this book report in April 4, 2021

We are the masters of our lives. Masters of Anger, Jealousy, love and all other emotions. Being able to master love you first need to heal your emotional wounds. But to heal you first must realize the fear is behind all wounds and mental illness and is the result of the rational mind trying to cope with this.

As children we learn peoples opinions matter. We need to hear the positive, the negative hurt and manipulate us. And as a result we are conditioned to believe we are nothing while pretending to be everything.

Around 3 or 4 is when these first wounds appear, but our happiest is when we are able to dance and play without judgement as we did when we were children before we became domesticated.

We make different images for different relationships. We also expect an image from the other person of each relationship and as a result we will try to change that person into this image period. This will never work.

No one abuses us more than we abuse ourselves. That level in which we abuse ourselves is the level we accept for others to abuse us. We know there is a problem with the body from pain. The equivalent for this for the emotional body is fear. The fear increase with each injustice and each

Injustice is a direct wound to the emotional body.

Every relationship is only between two people and becomes a living thing based on two separate ideas. Each idea is made from emotions that derive from love and fear but mostly fear. You are only responsible for the idea from your half. You cannot control the other person’s half.

When you have a dog you accept that it does what dog’s do. It’s the same in all relationships. Accept that person for what they are. If you have a dog but want a cat then get a cat! Why would you have a dog, you can’t turn a dog into a cat.

Most people can’t forgive themselves for not being who they believe they should be. Which leads to not loving yourself. If you can’t love yourself how can you love anyone else.

Life is a manifestation of your personal dream. You must take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t enjoy those consequences, figure out what actions caused that reaction and change. People have small egos. If a random person calls you stupid it’s because that person has a poison to their emotional body they are dealing with. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t take it so personally.

Sex is a completely normal function of the body but we grow up believing it is bad. The needs of the body get confused with needs of the mind.

The need to eat satisfies the body but the mind is still hungry. Noting this illusion gives you power over yourself.

Forgiveness is a form of self love. It heals the emotional body. People don’t always necessarily deserve to be forgiven but if you don’t forgive it is like poisoning the emotional body.

Three points of healing are Truth, Forgiveness and Self-Love. These same points were taught by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and many others.

We are not meant to suffer. We don’t have to wait to die to reach heaven.

We can make heaven hear and now.