Michael Donell Moore-An Exploration of Christian Theology

Author of Book: Don Thorsen
Date Read: February 2, 2024

Book Report

INTRO: Exploring Christian theology is a topic that is not usually at the top of a discussion list. However, Christian theology is a combination of what Christians believe, value and practice. This is no easy task! Nevertheless, Christians have held a variety of viewpoints, yet there is a family resemblance among Christians that is recognizable and describable.

SUMMARY: The general study of Christianity, Christian theology in particular , is not a study like other studies. From a Christians point of view, these studies are critically important. It is imperative that they learn about God as well as themselves, if people are created in God’s image. Such understanding is critical for an individual and social well being in lie here and now. The external well-being of people, which only God can provide, are more grounds of importance for the study of Christian theology.

KEY LESSONS: First, the presentation of Christian beliefs and practices should always be done in manner that is safe. Everyone has a particular religious and personal background. Our backgrounds influence us, whether we like it or not. They affect how we speak as well as what we hear. We must be modest in what we claim, but we all must make some kind of claims. Otherwise, we technically have nothing to say. Secondly, the author presents Christianity in a way that is fair. Many different traditions were presented that have been most influential in church history and in modern times, in shaping Christian beliefs, values and practices. It is imperative to become more inclusive in recognizing the variety of contributors to the richness and diversity of the Christian tradition. Lastly, attempting to grasp Christian theology must be done so in a way that is fun. Some people consider the study of theology to be so theoretical, that they have difficulty recognizing its practical applications.

MY TAKE ON THE BOOK: Due to this particular material being an introduction to theology, emphasis on how Christians view various religious beliefs, values and practices are a necessity. Theology deals with Christian understandings of God and of matters related to God. The book is not a biblical studies book that intends to review chapter by chapter, verse by verse. However, historical and critical understanding of Scripture is well descripted. The questions at the end of each chapter helped me to make connections between what I read, think and value. Ultimately, the book helped with introspection of how I practically live my life on a daily basis.