Melinda Bixler-Wild

Author of Book: Cheryl Strayed
Date Read:

Book Report

I read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend. I’m originally from the West Coast so I was quite interested in a true story of adventure and personal growth resulting from a long-distance hiking journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. In her early twenties, Cheryl (the author) had already lived a life full of loss, heartbreak and hardship. She went on a soul-searching mission, and she succeeded.

WILD depicts life as she spent months hiking the PCT from southern California through Oregon. I recognized the areas she traveled and it made me feel connected to the place I’ll always consider my “home.” In reading about the challenges Cheryl faced, it’s clear that her choice to find herself on the trail resulted in substantial personal growth, well beyond what she anticipated at the start. She shares her stories of trials, triumphs, relationships and self-realizations that likely changed the trajectory of Cheryl’s life.

I’m so grateful for being handed this book. I couldn’t put it down. She is a fantastic writer whose book is filled with so much detail and description that it’s as though I was traveling with her. It’s inspiring. When things got hard, many of us would have quit the journey, but Cheryl didn’t. She knew where she was heading and although some detours were necessary, she never gave up her pursuit. Her determination, commitment and willingness to leave everything behind is nothing less than extraordinary.

I rarely reread a book, but this one is a contender for a second read in my future.