Melinda Bixler-Never Finished

Author of Book: David Goggins
Date Read: September 26, 2023

Book Report

Why I read this book:
I read it because I’d heard so many great things about David. From family, friends and mentors I’d heard how motivational and inspiring he is.

What I learned from it:
I learned that I need to improve self-discipline in order to achieve some of my goals. For example, like many people, I struggle with finding motivation to exercise. Although I always feel better physically and mentally afterward, getting myself to start is a stumbling block. David Goggins is highly self-motivated. He pushes himself and focuses on self-improvement each and every day. He doesn’t need the approval or encouragement of others to do so. I want to be more like David and sometimes that means just doing it rather than searching for reasons to start later because now isn’t a good time.

Book Summary:
David Goggins is one of the top ultra-race runners in the world. His childhood was tough. It was filled with abuse and diversity. Despite having plenty of reasons to fail, and repeat the unhealthy patterns that surrounded him as a child, he was committed to becoming a Navy Seal, a top ultra-race runner and public speaker. Regardless of significant injuries to his feet, ankles and knees, he pushed himself to continue moving forward, still breaking records. He certainly wanted to win, but even when confronted with barriers or unlikely circumstances, he pushed forward and never quit trying.

Now a motivational speaker, David inspires others to pursue success regardless of obstacles. He conveys the significance of self-motivation versus expecting external incentives.

How will reading this book contribute to my success upon release:
I will begin practicing self-discipline while in prison to create better habits and routines now versus waiting for release. I’m self-motivated, determined and resilient. Becoming more disciplined only adds to my qualities and improves my chances of achieving success at a higher level.