Melinda Bixler-Greenlights

Author of Book: Matthew McConaughey
Date Read: January 25, 2024

Book Report

Why I read this book:

I read it because I admire Matthew. Not like a celebrity crush but as someone who lives in an authentic manner that’s true to himself. His philosophies on life, relationships, adventure and humanity are things I value. With that in mind, I knew his book would be inspiring and it was.

Summary of the book:

Greenlights depicts his life from childhood until recently. He describes the Greenlights in life, when the universe nudges us in the right direction and/or at the right time. The Red Lights life throws are way are designed to deter us from heading a certain direction. Most often seen when someone “wants” something that is contrary to what God or their Higher Power knows is best. We’ve all had those times when we want something… a job, a partner, a new car, and things just keep falling through. We feel discouraged and often keep trying to get what we want even though all the signs are telling us that it’s not what we need at that time. Matthew lives his life always aware of the lights. He uses every experience as an opportunity to discern the greenlights from the red ones. Not only is he keenly aware of them, he follows the direction their provide. Many of us race to speed through the red light when we should simply stop and accept that we aren’t getting a greenlight. Matthew uses this approach for living his life. He’s a deep-thinker, self-aware, introspective. He uses life’s remarkable experiences as opportunities to gain self-awareness and find clarity. Like everyone, there are times in Matthew’s life and career that present challenges, but he uses those challenges to advance himself. He made a shift in the type of movie roles he wanted and although his job offers declined, he remained true to himself and declined movies that didn’t meet the greenlights he knew existed for him. He used that downtime as an opportunity, a Greenlight, to travel and experience the world. For example, he traveled through the Amazon and other impoverished areas where small local cultures living a minimalistic life are commonplace, providing a simpler life.

What I learned from the book that will help me succeed:

He always inspires me to self-evaluate and continuously consider my philosophies and values to ensure my choices and behavior align with those. It’s a reminder to me that I must set clearly defined goals, both long-term and short-term. Every small decision I make each day should lead me closer to achieving those goals. Regardless of life’s distractions and circumstances that try to redirect my attention, remaining true to myself is what’s best. Not only is it intrinsically valuable, each well-reasoned decision moves me toward my goals designed to achieve a life I want. This book also solidified the value of me living more adventurously. Not being afraid of sky-diving or taking an unplanned last-minute trip. And, not being afraid to be the lady Dancing crazy in the rain. Living life, really living life. Not simply existing or hanging on to the past. Living using the Greenlights.