Melinda Bixler-God Will Use This for Good

Author of Book: Max Lucado
Date Read: October 30, 2023

Book Report

Why I read this book:
In talking with another inmate recently she loaned me this short-read. It’s not always easy to find the silver-lining in really hard times. I do my best, but books like these give me the spiritual reminder that I need.

The book begins with “A Prayer in Dark Times” and continues on to share the story of Joseph from the Bible. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, thrown into a pit and left for dead. This book shares quotes from the Bible and draws parallels between Joseph’s life and our own. It reminds us of the importance of trusting God’s purpose as we endure the hardest times.

How will this book prepare me for success after prison:
It reflects the perspective that I need to keep in the forefront of mind. This is not the last time that my family and I will experience deep sadness, uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Being successful inside and outside prison walls requires a deep determination and desire to not only overcome, but evolve and transform. Although the purpose of bad, painful or difficult times is rarely clear, trusting God and remaining faithful to follow His Will are everlasting.