Melinda Bixler-Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Author of Book: Joseph Nguyen
Date Read:

Book Report

Don’t Believe Everything You Think
by: Joseph Nguyen
ISBN: 9798427063852

Why I read this book?
It’s a short-read that was recommended by a friend. As someone who always overthinks, I can see why she recommended it.

This book is a short read and takes a deep dive into the concept of thinking, thoughts, intuition, insight and so much more. He believes that thinking is the root cause of suffering. The author says, “We’re only ever one thought, one insight, and one idea away from living a completely different experience of life.” If we think, are we having thoughts? If we are having a thought does it mean we are thinking? He argues the two are quite different. The short, but insightful book challenges us to consider thoughts and perceptions differently. It challenges us to live life in a way that comes from a place of deeper meaning. He references a sunset analogy to further explain his theories by saying, “It becomes night, the sun sets. we know the sun is always there; we just can’t see it. We know it is not gone forever and will rise again.

How will this book be helpful to me throughout my future?
Standing alone, it didn’t create major revelations; however, it summarizes so much of the things I’ve learned though the process of therapeutic treatment, psychological college courses and life experience. It’s a nice reminder of to listen to our bodies, our intuition and create from a place of abundance. Living life utilizing his theory creates more joy, peace, love and fulfillment; and minimizes the self-inflicted suffering.