Kifah Muhammadu-Afrikan Centered Consciousness Versus The New World Order

Author of Book: Amos N. Wilson
Date Read: November 21, 2023

Book Report

Author: Amos N. Wilson

Genre: Nonfiction

Why I Read This Book:

Well, what is funny, a person tried to get me to read a book by Amos Wilson and I looked at it for a three minutes and gave it back to him. The reason why I was busy taking a lot of college classes at the time. I was not familiar with this author and had not heard anyone speak about him.

So, almost a year later I was talking with with a man I really respect on African history by the name of Squash. We would talk about the struggle of African people here in America and in prison. Since we both love African history. We both would talk about authors that we liked or want to study on. So, one day he asked me have I ever read any books by Amos Wilson? I laughed and told him a guy tried to get me to read one of his books but I was busy doing college work.

In prison when you get something from someone you want to get it right back to the person and that would include a book that belong to them.

He gave me the book to read and this time I took it because he said I would really enjoy this person and his understanding of life. So, I took the book and fell in love with the author. Why?

  • I was studying psychology and at that time it did relate to me so I thought
  • Amos Wilson breaks it down where Africans can relate to psychology dealing within my culture
  • Amos was a probation officer so he gives people insight on things
  • He explains the Honorable Marcus Garvey movement
  • He explains Consciousness and Vision which deals with value
  • He explains how we must think and behave during a time of conflict
  • His philosophy explained how everyone has their own struggle within their culture and we must recognize that.

What I Learned:

I learned that here in America the struggle against African people has been ongoing still up to this day. Therefore, I must define how I choose to live and the term in which I do it.

Amos was able to get on the world stage and explain psychology through the lens of African people. For one, he realized that he needed to teach his people a certain way and psychology was not just a one size fit all. Or one mind same understanding this has never been the case in life. Therefore throughout the suffering of African people no one on earth was treated like them. It took another approach to get them back on track for knowing who they are and then back to building wealth.

How will reading this book will contribute to my success:

After reading this book, it has showed me how I need to think and adjust to the society we live in. How I deal with people inside my culture and outside makes a big difference. Even though people treat me unjust I don’t choose to be the same way. I must use my mind to think with values and principles. Then, after that I can think about trying to develop wealth for my family. Looking at these steps and applying them will help me move forward toward my success in gaining my freedom on all levels.