Kelvin Lee-Rethinking Positive Thinking

Author of Book: Gabriele Oettingen
Date Read: August 6, 2023

Book Report

I picked this book because I was interested in positive thinking. In this book, I learned many tools and small tricks to help change my once-broken thinking, into a powerful tool of positivity.
In the early chapters, I was taught how to trick my own mind with small exercises that I learned in no time. Also, I was taught how in this book not only to change my thought process but to keep the changes in place throughout my life forward.
In the middle Chapters, it was discussed how to successfully dream of what I want in life, and to strive for it. At this point of the book it was discussed all stages of sleep patterns, and the most important stage the Zeta stage, which is known as the deep sleep stage. This is where researchers and doctors alike believe that one dream. In this book, it was taught how to change these very important patterns.
In the last part of the book, it was discussed about the magic of WHOOP! This is the discovery we all have been waiting for
in thinking positive community. The study of this whoop is many tools all mixed together to help make you feel the science behind the action of your new thinking. Many people at this stage discovered that they felt like a giant Whoop came over them when experiencing this stage, hence the name.
In closing this book will last with me for a long time.