Kelvin Lee-Everyday Wisdom

Author of Book: Dr. Wayne Dyer
Date Read: August 13, 2023

Book Report

This book is a daily affirmation book with over 500 pages of inspirational quotes. It was put together very well, and I use this book in my daily life.
I’ve learned many things From the doctor, and this book. Even one single phrase, or quote from this book, can be life-altering. It can help transform me, and anyone who reads it.
Also, throughout the book, there were affirmations for me to follow, and learned that if used properly that I can achieve any goal I set in my mind. I have learned so much reading this positive book that I will share it in my daily life.
I have learned that the author of the book was called the father of self-motivation, it is felt, and seen in how all his quotes are driving for you to strive for excellence. Thank you and I hope you can one day pick it up yourself.