Kelvin Lee-Alcoholics Anonymous the Blue Book

Author of Book: Dr. Bob
Date Read: August 22, 2023

Book Report

My book report this week was on alcoholics anonymous the Blue Book.
Written by Dr. Bob, and a collection of recovering alcoholics.
Let me start by saying that this book was very inspirational in it”s own right. It taught me everything from how to stay sober, to the dangers of slippery places and people. I also learned a guide to staying on the right path with twelve steps, and twelve traditions. My focus in the book really picked up around page fifty-four, it was a chapter called “How it works”.This chapter was at the forefront of everything that the program revolves around. You learn the main keys in this chapter to staying sober.
Throughout all the other chapters our stories by other individuals that have had this affliction, and live one day at a time through this book, and the steps it taught. I know that the individuals that read this book get their own look at their afflictions and disease.
We learn the tools that are taught in this book, along with the spiritual side of our programs. I have taken away a lot of knowledge from this one book, and every day I read a little more, and it helps me grow exponentially. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with any type of addiction to pick it up, and not just read it, but live by the principles that you learn inside.