Kelly Wayne Smith-Locked Down, Locked Out – Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do Better. Copyright 2014

Author of Book: Maya Schenwar
Date Read:

Book Report

Why I Read Locked Down, Locked Out:

With my career path of Prison Reform Consulting. The history as well as current and future of the Prison Industrial Complex will only aid in my knowledge. This book was sent in from one of my mailout request. Which I am truly grateful for the material.

What I Learned from Reading Locked Down, Locked Out:

The author covers the journey of a family member of theirs through the prison system. She also cover others with in the system and those trying to take down the system. Some of the terms I learned will help in my education of the systems. What can be changed from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in. Here are a few of the terms from this book;

Prison Nation: “Simply to demonstrate the system’s vastness”.

Prison Industrial Complex: “The symbiotic relationship between public and private interest that employ imprisonment, policing, surveillance, the courts and their attendant cultural apparatuses as a means of maintaining social, economic, political inequities.”

Incarcerate and Decarcerate: “The word incarcerate stems from the same root as the word “cancel”: Both means to cross something, or someone, out (whether with bars, or lines, or actions). Decarcerte, then, is also a movement towards un-canceling people – not just fighting for their release, but recognizing and supporting their humanity.”

Remorse: “The role of remorse in court is often simply just that – a “role” that’s played by defendants, coached by their lawyers once they’re entering a guilty plea, in order to appeal to the judge or jury for a mitigated sentence, or to appeal to parole board who may cruelly deny release based on a perceived “lack of remorse”.”

The struggle to end the Prison nation or to even take own the Prison Industrial Complex, it’s not an isolated fight. It will take involvement through the states and within the federal system. Cultures have to be changed and investments within the system need to be refocused to assist with the needed changes.

How Reading Locked Down, Locked Out will Contribute to my Success upon my Release:

It’s giving me more of the back story of the Prison Nation and Prison Industrial Complex. One thing I’ve learned was a catchy phrase from a speech in 2012 by Glenn E,, Martin founder of JustLeadershipUSA, “And Then What”. So what is the next step? It’s a long road, that in most cases doesn’t end positively. Part of this book Maya Schenwar complied a Resources Section of some great work by folks who have started confronting the Prison Industrial Complex. I will be complying my own list of reading material. This will give me a different point of view and insight, to learn from others in the history of the Prison Nation and the Prison Industrial Complex.