Kelly Wayne Smith-American Purgatory

Author of Book: Benjamin D. Weber
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Book Report

Author’s Name:

Benjamin D. Weber

Book Title:

American Purgatory – Prison Imperialism and the Rise of Mass Incarceration’s. Copyright 2023

Why I Read American Purgatory:

This is another book that was sent into me, that I am truly grateful for, from my mailout project. This book covers a vast history going back to the early 1800’s to present day. It covers a wide aspect of the mass incarceration in the United States and it’s Territories.

What I Learned from Reading American Purgatory:

The history of the Prison Nation and the Prison Industrial Complex, has some major roots. After the Civil War proposals for a Nation Penal Colony became particularly forceful. The Constitution’s Commerce Clause tasked federal marshals with enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act. In 1870 the Nation Prison Congress was formed in the United States. They took a leading role in organizing the inaugural meeting of the International Penitentiary Congress in London in 1872. At one time there was talk of creating United States’ penal colonies, one in Alaska for males and the other in Hawaii for females.

How Reading American Purgatory will Contribute to my Success upon my Release:

To know the background and history of the Prison Nation and the Prison Industrial Complex , one must study and to obtain the knowledge of how the system was created. It took years to build and in most cases not properly built. It’s not the walls and fencing wasn’t built right, it’s the mindset and management of Prison Nation that is broken. Take for example the Federal Women’s prison in California. The internal conflict of the US Courts and the Bureau of Prisons. The Courts put in a special master to control the prison. The Bureau doesn’t like that, so they just close it and relocate 100’s of west coast female Adults in Custody nationwide. Who can Jump the Highest??