Kelly Wayne Smith-American Precariat-Parables of Exclusion

Author of Book: Zeke Caligiuri et al.
Date Read:

Book Report

Author’s Name:

Zeke Caligiuri et al.

Bok Title:

American Precariat – Parables of Exclusion, Copyright 2023

Why I Read American Precariat:

It’s a book of essays of a special relationship of Coffee House Press and the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop( MPWW). This book is part of the books that have been sent into me, from my mailout project. I am thankful for the support of those I have written to for material.

What I earned from reading American Precariat:

The project started with a small group over 20 years ago. The group lasted for a year and half and was shut down after a long Education shutdown and budget cuts it was able to restart again. It restarted with a few of those who started the group and a new wave of writers. Again like all good things, the program was cancelled in 2005. The whole Education department was completely shut down and all computers and equipment was removed. Some of the members where able to write on their own with help from the outside. They struggled through the pandemic and was able to return shortly after. Once again after finding it’s purpose, it was frozen indefinitely. It continued till way after he world started returning to normal. They were able to work together with little help from the Prison system, and now they have completed this book.

How Reading American Precariat will Contribute to my Success upon my Release:

The system wasn’t always there for these Adults in Custody in Minnesota. They did what they could, with little support and with the help of outside sources and with their support was able to complete the project they put their mind to. By reading the stories of others and the hardships they had to go through. It gives one the thought process to work harder to take down the Prison Nation. if not to insure what is provided, like Educational support, is provided everywhere.