Kelly Wayne Smith-99 Days & A Get Up A Pre- and Post-Release Survival Manual for Inmates and Their Loved Ones

Author of Book: Ned Rollo
Date Read:

Book Report

Why I Read 99 Days & A Get Up: It was provide to me on loan from the Re-Entry Department.

What I Learned from Reading 99 Days & A Get Up: That no matter what year or by whomever written. Any type of Pre or Post release books can always be a tool for the toolbox. It’s also a step for creating the release plan. This book was written in 1987 and 1988 and the verbiage reflects it. Thinking back then did we really talk and used words they used in the book. The book is broken down into 3 major parts; For Ex-Prisoners the day of Release, For the Loved Ones Who Waited, and for everyone following Release. You do have to keep in mind, you might be the only one who has completed a journey during this time period. Everyone has changed, expect shock and confusion. Share your thoughts and feelings, have that open lines of communications between you and your loved ones. It will be different again when it’s face to face outside of that visiting room visit or those phone calls. Be patient, everything didn’t move fast on the inside don’t expect it to move fast when released.

How Reading 99 Days & A Get Up Will Contribute to My Success Upon My Release: It’s a tool along with all the other tools I’m putting together in my toolbox. It’s all of the steps needed to become a better person upon my release. Everything I’ve learned and pick-up along the way of my journey to being released. It will prepare me for the rejections and disappointments that will be waiting for me on the outside. What I learn now will be critical to everyone. Being patient and persistent will help keeping my ego in check, and give me the understanding of my feelings as well as my loved ones. Change happens daily and it will take time working with others to keep my life on a positive track. If things are not working as planned, seek the help that is out there and don’t do it alone or expect it to work itself out, it won’t. Your life will travel down that wrong road again. You might of been younger your 1st times in, getting older each time you return to prison I not worth it. Make the positive changes is better in the long run for you and your loved one.