Jody Lynn Hughlette-The Ghost Horse

Author of Book: Joe Layden
Date Read: September 14, 2023

Book Report

This book was so good! It is a true story of love, redemption, and sadly death. Tim Snyder is a down-and-out horse trainer whose wife passed away from cancer. On her deathbed, she tells him ” I will see you again I am coming back as a horse”. So when Tim runs across a clubfooted and unwanted filly he buys her anyway. And so it begins. I was sad. I was filled with love and the whole time couldn’t put the book down. It made me think about forgiveness second chances and hope all while feeling a love between a husband and wife and then a bond formed with a horse no one wanted who rose to greatness. I loved this book. It gives you hope and makes you open your heart to faith and resurrection from terrible times. GREAT READ