Jody Lynn Hughlette-Genghis Khan And The Making Of The Modern World

Author of Book: Jack Weatherford
Date Read: August 5, 2023

Book Report

In the beginning, he wasn’t called Genghis and it wasn’t an empire it was actually a tribe consisting of immediate family members. His goals were to provide for his family and live with honor as a steppe warrior. Simple daily goals turned into a concise path that led to the growth of his family, tribe, and eventual empire. Although the book says it is about the battles and tactics I think it is more about the cultural results in the aftermath of conquering other tribes. I feel his tolerance and understanding towards others was a huge part of his belief. He allowed the people he conquered to retain their religion, their forms of governing, and their cultural beliefs. What I learned from this book is my feelings are not facts and acting on my feelings can lead to bad choices.