Jeffery John Okeefe-The Healing Power of Prayer

Author of Book: Hans-Werner Schroeder
Date Read: August 24, 2023

Book Report

“The Healing Power of Prayer” by Hans-Werner Schroeder originally written in Germany is a rare little gem. Have you ever really thought about what one must or should do prior to actually praying? I know I haven’t! Most of my prayers have been direct to God, often tied to a twist or plea, for instance: “If you get me out of this jam, I promise never to do it again” or if “you give me this job, I promise not to disappoint you.” I even have prayed the dogmatic catholic way of simply repeating the “Our Father” over and over again. Or in the Christian manner of having a meaningful direct conversation with God.

This book, however, talks about the necessary place you should be in before you even contemplate praying. You should be in a place of stillness, tranquility and a deep inner calm in your soul. This book teaches you how to enter into this place of stillness. It requires practice, but well worth it.

“Great thoughts and a pure heart — that is what we should ask from God in our prayers”. J.W. Goethe