Jarrett M James-The Kid and The CEO

Author of Book: Tom Pace
Date Read: August 30, 2023

Book Report

This was a book similar to Santos” views made me know how important goals , reading and learning are. A 19-year-old kid goes to jail and blames his friend for him being in jail because the car ran out of gas after he went and stole some beer from a store. he was out on a 7-year suspended sentence at the time. He had to see his judge and she sentenced him to 90 days pending her decision if he would go to prison. He was initially sulking and blaming until he found out about a weekly program the jail offered. He went to the program for the wrong reasons but he eventually embraced it and the life changing began. The man that was the group teacher had been going to that county jail for years. After the kid began to attend the group for the right reasons he began to understand the teachings. this went on for weeks and after the 90 days the judge let him out but told him if he came back in front of him he would sentence the kid to 7 years. The kid had changed and knew he wasn’t ever going to go back to jail. The teacher became his mentor and taught him the basics for success. he began to grow and add confidence to his life. he began accomplishing goals which led to more goals and more success.
Shortly after things were going good in the kid’s life the mentor ran into tough times and his company and everything were in jeopardy. The mentor, The kid, and one other guy whom the mentor helped change his life ran every Saturday from the first day the kid got out of jail. When the mentor ran into tough times he didn’t show up for a run. The kid went and saw him and he wasn’t shaved but the kid made him run anyway, he even started making him run a few times a week to try and get him out of the slump he was in. He eventually bounced back after getting his head clear and made a business decision thanks to the help of the kid. The kid started his own company had 30 employees and got married.
This book reminded me of what I’ve been learning and I know it’s certain things you must do to become successful because in all the books the same formula for success appears. Michael Santos said it best you have to have 100% commitment!