Jarrett M James-Prison! My 8,344th Day: A Typical Day in an Ongoing Journey

Author of Book: Michael Santos
Date Read: August 22, 2023

Book Report

It wasn’t a complicated book to read but it had a lot of jewels inside of it. What stuck out to me the most was the goal setting. He had goals for everything. That really opened my eyes. He was disciplined and lived his daily life with awareness. I related to it because it’s how I currently move. Avoiding any kind of high-risk activity that can interfere with me going home. Paying someone to iron his clothes to avoid potential conflicts. I used to be in the mix somewhat now I don’t go to rec at certain times and I go to selective meals. I don’t want to be involved in conflicts that those I associate with can get me tangled up in. A person would have to be in a good head space to grasp the hidden gems inside this book. He’s dedicated to his goals and the important things in his life day in and day out. It showed me I wasn’t as committed as I thought I was. High-volume goal setting is of utter importance to keep your vision laser-focused