Heather Marie Newhouse-Restless Legs Syndrome

Author of Book: Buchfuhrer, Hening, Kushida
Date Read: August 5, 2023

Book Report

I read this book because I suffer from RLS, and have for as long as I can remember, so I wanted to learn as much about this as I can; and anything I can do to prevent the nightly pain that keeps me awake. Since reading the book I have gotten several good ideas including keeping a food diary as well as a sleep diary to try and pair any foods that may be contributing to an RLS night. Also, I am going to try and exercise in the evenings rather than only in the morning to see if that may help. Maybe a short half-hour walk in the evening would help. I am an avid crossworder and so before bed, I am going to work on a crossword before bed to stimulate my mind and help me relax before trying to go to sleep. I am also going to do some simple stretches before bed so that I can engage the muscles that hurt the most when I am trying to go to sleep. Depression, I have learned, is common in people with RLS due to the lack of sleep, and tiredness. I want to be able to keep myself and my mind healthy and serene without drugs now, and in the future and so I am going to be especially mindful of the things that I can do to prevent any depression from coming on or getting worse. I am going to start tracking my “bad” nights as well as my diet and activity and see if there are any commonalities and start making lifestyle adjustments. I learned quite a bit about RLS by reading this book. There were a lot of methods that include medications to treat the pain associated with RLS, however, I would like to do things that don’t involve medications unless absolutely necessary. I think that after reading this book, I can make some lifestyle changes and start being more mindful of the things that I am doing throughout the day that could have an effect on my RLS at night.