Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-Can’t Hurt Me

Author of Book: David Goggins
Date Read:

Book Report

This book is an incredible story of heart and perseverance in the face of adversity. Mr. Goggins pushed through pain, institutional racism, and his own ghosts to become a major name in Ultra Marathons all over the country. The main gist of the book is that you only tap into about 40% of your actual endurance and mental strength, yet we all have in us the ability for so much more. Since reading it my workouts are much improved by his philosophies and bring to mind a quote by the famous salesman that said ” Motivation doesn’t last, neither does showering, that’s why we suggest it daily” ( I might have butchered that but I believe it’s by Zig Ziglar) I suggest this book to any and all that want more and know they have it in them.

Decoded By Jay Z

This book was a great look into a great man’s mind. I enjoyed his authenticity throughout and it really brought out the genius of his art. I did not realize how long he had been in the music area and how much heart and consistency he showed, as well as his many failures. I enjoyed the read and benefited from it by realizing that where we start from does not ever have to be where we finish, as long as we don’t forget what we are really here on Earth for.. which is community, and sharing our own best version of ourselves with the world.

(Side note) I have been off of here for a while due to finances, please know that I am always working on improving in any and all areas I can. I am currently reading through tons of self-help books to include Brene’ Brown, TD Jakes, and many, many more.