Georgiana Elizabeth Jones-A Promised Land

Author of Book: Barak Obama
Date Read: November 1, 2023

Book Report

This was the first book I read of a notable person when incarcerated in October 2021. I decided to read of people I would aspire to emulate. This book absolutely came through for me with valuable insights into the mind of a President, strategizer, and Patriarch. After reading this book I saw how better to make the BIG decisions, how networking and humility were key to success. This man put people in his inner circle that he KNEW weren’t likely to agree with him. He did so because he was humble enough to know his perspective was not the only one that counted. The class he showed and dignity he maintained throughout so much opposition and ignorance speaks to the man he is. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading. I must also say that the book flowed very well and that the former President definitely has a gift for writing.