Eric Kursim-Earning Freedom

Author of Book: Michael Santos
Date Read:

Book Report

This is a book I’ve wanted to read for some time and I was very excited to see it in the Camp’s library. In my research in the years leading up to Camp, I stumbled upon Michael and Justin Paperny’s websites and videos. The resources they provided helped me better prepare for sentencing and for self surrender. I truly believe the work they helped me prepare a better narrative for the judge in my case which led to a shorter sentence. Without their work, the stress from the unknown would have been unbearable. I apologize in advance that this book report does not do Michael justice.

The book documents Michael’s journey through America’s Federal Prison system. It exposes many of the flaws in the system, including the pettiness and bureaucracy of the people who work for the BOP.

One of Michael’s priorities that I try to emulate is his refusal to become “prisonized”. He focused on his vision of what he would do after prison and not on what was going on around him. He did not give up hope and refused to give in to the negativity that brought others down. He developed his relationship with god, embraced physical improvement, and avoided wasting time like other prisoners.

This is a must-read for anyone in prison, facing prison, or anyone who has a family member in that situation.