Deshawn Jamel Greene-Think and Grow Rich

Author of Book: Napoleon Hill
Date Read: December 22, 2023

Book Report

I just got done reading by Napoleon Hill. I was inspired to read this book because I heard so many people that are famous refer to this book. So I had the opportunity to read it and I was not disappointed. It was a real eye opener.

I used to think that having a contingency plan for your goals was a must have. In think and grow rich I was enlighten by a story of a warrior who took his army into battle. He knew that his army was outnumbered by his rival. As he reached the shores he order the boats that they came in to be burned. Addressing his men he pointed out to them the boats being burned. And that the only way to leave that island was if they won the war. They had only two choices at that point win the war or perish. They won the war.
I found this interested because can you imagine the fight they put on? If this type of thinking is put into the effort of being successful there is no way i will lose. Because I would fight just as hard to obtain my goals as those man did to live. Failure is not an option. He also talks about how no one is defeated until defeat has been excepted as a reality. So even if I hit some stumbling blocks along the way I have not lost. Only if I except those stumbling blocks as defeat it is only then that I lost the fight.
His book talks about forming a power group of like minded individuals to help you in your endeavor. Also he supplies his reason why people fail on their journey. In a nut shell think and grow rich deals with the power of the mind. Anything you will you can achieve is about putting in the hard work. The mind has more power over our choices than we really understand. This is why it is imperative to change my criminal thinking because with that mentality I can achieve nothing but negative things. Positive thoughts produce good things. If we learn to think correctly in life we can grow rich the skies is the limit!!