Deshawn Jamel Greene-As a Man Thinketh

Author of Book: James Allen
Date Read:

Book Report

I had the chance to read As a Man Thinketh by author James Allen. What prompted me to read this book was my curiosity after reading the title. The book was also only 60 pages or so. So I knew I would easily go through it quickly. What I was not expecting was the power within its pages and the impact it would have on me.

The simplicity in which this book is written makes it easy to understand. This book breaks down the power of thought. Showing how man is what he thinks. His actions are guided by what’s in his mind. So by the power of thought man holds the key to make himself what he wills.

He goes on to explain how your thoughts can also have an effect on your health and body. He said the people who live in fear of disease are the people who get it. That line made me think of the Covid pandemic era. How the world was sick of the lockdowns after months of it. That living in fear took a toll on the world and soon everyone wanted their liberty back. And the restrictions were lifted and everything went back to normal.

Although this book is little it’s a powerful read. These lessons will help me when I get out. Because they are helping m,e now. I feel more in control of my life. Because I understand my thoughts are my actions. And my thoughts affect me in a lot of ways.

The more my thoughts are positive the more my actions are positive. The more I feed my mind with positive information. The more my mind will produce positivity and feed me positive ideals.
So every morning now throughout my day. I repeat to myself all that I am grateful for. Because being able to find all that you’re grateful for while being incarcerated is a positive light. That will continue to build you me up.

I thank all who get to read my profile. Sometimes its gaps in my posts that’s because sometimes I do not have the funds to email. But know that even when I am not active on here.
I am active in my rehabilitation and becoming a better person.