DaRayl Davis-The Most Successful Small Business in the World: The Ten Principles

Author of Book: Michael E. Gerber
Date Read: August 29, 2023

Book Report

Michael E. Gerber is the bestselling author of “The E-Myth”. Inc. Magazine called him “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru.” It is because of this reputation that I was drawn to his work. I have aspirations of building a highly successful small business enterprise in the future. The success of the business ventures I pursue in the future is essential to me fulfilling my restitution obligation and other commitments. Successful business ventures will also allow me to support an exceptional quality of life for myself and my family. Understanding this, it is my desire to find and follow a fail-proof system for building a successful enterprise. I believe “The Most Successful Small Business in the World” provides the fail-proof system I am seeking. That was my motivation for reading the book and my expectations were not disappointed.

The Ten Principles that I learned reading the book have had a transformative effect on my thinking about business in general, and my role as an entrepreneur more specifically. The Ten Principles are intended to serve as the cornerstone, the foundation for the work that needs to be done to build the “Most Successful Small Business in the World.” I see them as a framework I can use to design, develop and deploy my future enterprises in service to humanity. The author notes that, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a principle is “[a] fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” From Michael E. Gerber’s perspective, there are 10 such principles that are essential to the creation of the Most Successful Small Business in the World:

The First Principle: A small business, built rightly, can grow 10,000 times its current size.

The Second Principle: A small business is no more effective than the idea upon which it is built.

The Third Principle: A small business is a system in which all parts contribute to the success or failure of the whole.

The Fourth Principle: A small business must be sustainable through all economic conditions, in all markets, providing meaningful, highly differentiated results to all of its customers.

The Fifth Principle: A small business is a school in which its employees are students, with the intention, will and determination to grow.

The Sixth Principle: A small business must manifest the higher purpose upon which it was seeded, the vision it was meant to exemplify, the mission it was intended to fulfill.

The Seventh Principle: A small business is the fruit of a higher aim in the mind of the person who conceived it.

The Eighth Principle: A small business possess a life of its own, in the service of God, in whom it finds reason.

The Ninth Principle: A small business is an economic entity, driving an economic reality, creating an economic certainty for the communities in which it thrives.

The Tenth Principle: A small business creates a standard by which all small businesses are measured as either successful, or not, to upgrade the possibility for all small businesses to thrive beyond the standards that formerly existed, whether stated or not.

The Ten Principles espoused in “The Most Successful Small Business in the World” are the principles that will guide my thoughts and actions as I conceive, grow and expand the businesses I will create in the future. They are essential to the process I will use in building any businesses going forward because they provide me a clearer understanding of the standards I must meet to make a significant difference in the world while pursuing and realizing my entrepreneurial objectives. Due to the significant role that business and entrepreneurial ventures will play in my future, having these principles to guide me is critical to my success. I am confident that my chances to succeed in my future endeavors have increased exponentially as a result of me reading “The Most Successful Small Business in the World”, my embracing The Ten Principles, and my resulting commitment to be guided by the principles as I seek to build any business, enterprise or organization in the future.