DaRayl Davis-Mastery of Destiny

Author of Book: James Allen
Date Read: July 23, 2023

Book Report

I chose to read “Mastery of Destiny” in search of insights and guidance on how I can shape my destiny following my release from prison. I was fortunate to receive the book as a bonus/companion book with “As A Man Thinketh” by the same author.

The underlying premise of the book as I interpreted it is that your thoughts and dreams determine who you are and who you will become. This concept is supported by the idea that my deeds reflect my character and my character shapes my destiny. I found this dictum to be simple yet profound. The book touted the significant role that self-control plays in the affairs of individuals and their destinies as well, which was a novel idea to me. In fact, before reading this book, I had not seen any other reference to what the author termed the “Science of Self-control. The author suggests that just as there are degrees of attainment in other sciences, the same exists within the “Science of Self-control”. Accordingly, one may be successful in obtaining knowledge, achieving professional mastery, or gaining influence in the world to the degree that they achieve self-control. The author also introduced me to his unique perspective on justice. He notes the axiom used among scientists that every effect is related to a cause. He then suggests that when we apply this axiom to the realm of human conduct, the principle of justice is revealed. According to the author, perfect justice upholds the universe and perfect justice regulates human life and conduct. The author shared the perspective of Emerson who said:

“Justice is not postponed, a perfect equity adjusts the balance in all parts of life.”

The essence of what I gleaned from this concept is that individual conduct – in accordance with the immutable law of cause and effect – ultimately determines one’s destiny.

Understanding and applying the concepts that I learned by reading “Mastery of Destiny” will help me prepare for a productive life after prison as I choose to thoughtfully and intentionally craft plans and take deliberate, specific steps to produce my desired outcome. I do believe that my decisions and actions will determine my destiny. So, the choices I make today, the plans that I establish, and the steps I take to execute these plans will all influence the quality of life and the level of contribution to society upon my release from prison.